Housing Analyst and Senior Housing Analyst

Vermont is in the midst of an unprecedented affordable housing crisis, and the VHCB Housing Team is seeking talented individuals to join us in helping Vermont deliver more affordable homes to solve the crisis. As a funder, VHCB works closely with affordable housing developers, owners and service providers to ensure that the proposed housing developments are feasible and viable for the long term. We are a collaborative and diligent group of people who believe in VHCB’s mission to assist in creating more affordable housing for Vermonters. If you have experience and passion for affordable housing, this position could be right for you. We are advertising for both the Housing Analyst role, and for the role of Senior Housing Analyst. VHCB is an Equal Opportunity Employer and persons from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

Job Descriptions: 

Senior Housing Analyst
Housing Analyst

To apply, read the job description and email @email with a cover letter and your résumé. These positions will remain open until filled.