Staff Directory

  • If your email is not reaching us, please call 828-3250 or send a message to info[@] or laurie[@] and we will get you connected.

    gus [at] (Gus Seelig), Executive Director
    larry [at] (Larry Mires), Administrative Officer 828-5072
    pam [at] (Pam Boyd,) Communications Director 828-5075
    marcy [at] (Marcy Christian), Grants Manager 828-5070
    laurie [at] (Laurie Graves), Office Manager 828-5063; 828-3250
    dan [at] (Dan Herman), Information Systems Manager 828-2432
    jennifer [at] (Jennifer Hollar), Director of Policy and Special Projects 828-5865 
    bob [at] (Bob Zatzke), Network Administrator 828-0170

    martin [at] (Martin Hahn), Housing Director 828-3259
    jenny [at] (Jenny Hyslop), Associate Director of Housing 828-5539
    rick [at] (Rick DeAngelis), Housing Stewardship Coordinator 828-3526
    ron [at] (Ron Rupp), Director of Federal Housing Programs 828-2912
    ariane [at] (Ariane Kissam), Homeownership Programs Manager 828-2965
    kathleen [at] (Kathleen Kanz), Senior Housing Analyst 828-5060
    craig [at] (Craig Peltier), Director of Asset Management and Project Design 828-1007
    gretchen [at] (Gretchen Rittenhouse), Senior Housing Analyst 828-5013
    leah [at] (Leah Sare), Housing Analyst 828-5549 
    beth [at] (Beth Schwarz), Federal Housing Programs Coordinator 828-5074

    karen.freeman [at] (Karen Freeman), Conservation Director 828-5067
    nancy [at] (Nancy Everhart), Agricultural Director 828-5066
    markm [at] (Mark Martin), Conservation Stewardship Coordinator 828-5068
    ethan [at] (Ethan Parke), Director of Conservation Assessment and Analysis 828-0795
    Conservation Analyst 828-3252 

    elizabeth [at] (Elizabeth Egan), General Counsel 828-5062

    anne [at] (Anne Duffy), Chief Financial Officer 828-0794
    kathy [at] (Kathy Barrows), Controller 828-5071
    amanda [at] (Amanda Moran Moshinskie), Assistant Controller 828-5069
    ginger [at] (Ginger Nichols), Financial Assistant 828-5328

    Healthy & Lead-Safe Homes Program
    diane [at] (Diane Mackay), Program Coordinator 828-5064

    Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program
    ela [at] (Ela Chapin), Program Director 828-2117
    liz [at] (Liz Gleason), Program Manager 828-3370
    mariahn [at] (Mariah Noth), Outreach and Communications Coordinator 828-1098
    katie [at] (Katie Michels), Program Coordinator 828-5587 

    VHCB AmeriCorps Program
    francis [at] (Francis Sharpstene), VHCB AmeriCorps Director 828-3253
    ashley [at] (Ashley Swasey), VHCB AmeriCorps Coordinator 828-3249
    ewilcox [at] (Elizabeth Wilcox), VHCB AmeriCorps Leader