Leahy Memphremagog Clean Water Program

  • Leahy Memphremagog Clean Water Program

    VHCB has been awarded funds from the Great Lakes Fishery Commission to support partner organizations engaged in improving aquatic habitats and ecosystems in the Memphremagog Watershed. 

    The goals of the program are as follows:

    1. Support and expand the capacity and collaboration of non-profit and public sector partners working on water quality and aquatic habitat and ecosystems programming, projects and the implementation of watershed plans in the Memphremagog Basin;
    2. Fund on-the-ground and in-the-water implementation work such as riparian buffers, habitat restoration, invasives management, monitoring and research and other activities that will improve and sustain aquatic ecosystems and the fisheries they support; 
    3. Increase funding for strategic land acquisition projects that enhance water quality and aquatic habitat and ecosystems restoration;
    4. Support partnerships with Quebec and cross-border collaboration to improve and protect the bi-national resources of the Lake Memphremagog Basin; and
    5. Support increased public access, community engagement, and public education.

    The funding priorities of the Leahy Memphremagog program include improving water quality, aquatic ecosystems and fisheries health priorities identified in the 2023 Memphremagog Tactical Basin Plan and other basin assessments, filling identified organizational and programmatic gaps that exist in the basin relating to this work, enhancing the coordination and collaboration of partners in the region, leveraging other funding, and increasing community engagement and equity.

    This is currently a two-year program, with the first round of applications closing April 1st, 2024. A second funding round for projects is expected in late 2024, depending on funds availability. Funding may be used for building capacity, projects that improve fisheries habitat, and land acquisitions. Organizations in the watershed are encouraged to submit proposals using the following templates below:

    Application Instructions  Capacity Grant Application  Project Grant Application

    For more information, please contact Nathanael Johns, Clean Water Program Manager, at n.johns [@] vhcb.org or 802-828-5555