New Study Shows 9:1 Return on Vermont's Investments in Land Conservation

The Nature Conservancy photo Protecting wetlands pays off by protecting water quality and increasing flood resiliency - to the tune of $9 for every $1 invested in conservation, according to a study released by the Trust for Public Land. 

Vermont's Investments in Land Conservation Pay Dividends, Improving Water Quality and Increasing Flood Resiliency 

An economic analysis by the Trust for Public Land found that every $1 invested in land conservation by the state returns $9 in economic value in the form of water quality protection and increased flood resiliency, among other benefits, resulting in millions in  avoided costs.

The 9:1 figure is in addition to the $5.5 billion in annual economic activity attributable to Vermont's outdoor recreation industry from spending  by Vermonters and tourists on trail fees, ski passes, hunting and fishing licenses, etc, as well as trip expenditures at hotels, restaurants, retailers, etc.  

Report: Vermont’s Return on Investment in Land Conservation

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