$10,000 Grant will Double Organic Farm's Egg Laying Stock

In Enosburg Falls, Colton Cummings and Dani Babbitt operate Hunger Moon Farm, an organic pastured poultry, egg and goat meat business. Starting in 2018, Colton and Dani leased land from Stony Pond Farm to get their business off the ground. The existing infrastructure on the farm was set up well for livestock, so the couple put their passion for holistic pasture management into raising goats and poultry for meat and eggs. Today, they sell eggs, poultry, dog treats, and goat meat.

As they scaled their business up, their goal was to enroll in the VHCB Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program. In 2022, after they completed the NOFA-VT Farm Beginnings Program in 2019, they teamed up with Jen Miller to start their Viability work. Through their work with Jen, they have been able to hone in a business plan and organize all of their existing documentation.

“Working with Jen has made us feel comfortable and confident in our business moving forward.” says Colton.

In 2023, Colton and Dani applied for a VHCB Implementation Grant and received $10,000 towards winter housing to expand their laying flock. With their award, they will build a hoop house that can comfortably fit both of the mobile chicken coops they purchase with an FSA loan. This expansion will allow them to make use of their second mobile coop and double the size of their laying flock to 1,300 hens.