Accessibility in Nature

Group on hikeA part of the mission of our host site is the expansion of access and safety of everyone in nature. We have led community walks on our host site trail with the local Vietnamese community to increase opportunity for exploration, education and recreation in nature. On a cold December morning, we explored the Intervale of Burlington, learning about the land and human history and making discoveries along the way!

One tree along the trail had been damaged in a storm revealing an extensive hive system and honeycombs littered the ground! Our group was enthusiastic about the natural landscape near the conclusion of the walk and one participant, a daughter of one of the community members, who was hesitant about going out initially, was one of the most vocal about wanting to venture further along the trail.

On the walk back for lunch, the participants expressed interest in joining our city’s community gardening program. We concluded with warm beverages and food, and at least for one person, a new outlook on what nature adventures in winter have to offer, no matter the temperature! It meant a lot to us because we learned that a simple action can change someone's perspective on the natural world.