IRC Training

  •  Inspection Repair and Cleaning Practices (IRCs) require the use of safe work practices when renovating or maintaining pre-1978 rental housing and child care facilities.  It also created a standard of care for inspecting, cleaning and maintaining these buildings.

    Anyone working on buildings built before 1978 is at an increased risk for exposure to lead paint. While the majority of lead poisoning cases are children, it is possible for anyone to contract lead poisoning if proper work-safe practices are not practiced.  The Vermont Department of Health enforces the Essential Maintenance Practices Law (18 V.S.A. §1759).  

    To perform  IRCs, you must be IRC trained.  Once you have taken the training and passed the exam, you will receive a certificate number from the Vermont Department of Health which will allow you to perform IRCs.

    The Burlington Community Economic Development Office and the Vermont Department of Health offer in person and online IRC trainings. Depending on the trainer, fees may apply.

    Information covered in the classes includes:

    • The requirements of Vermont's lead paint law and related federal regulations
    • The health effects of lead in children and adults
    • Lead-safe work practices and maintenance procedures
    • Specialized cleaning techniques and equipment for removing lead-contaminated dust
    • Paint inspection procedures

    Please note these changes to EMPs after October 1, 2022: 

    “Essential Maintenance Practices” will be called “Inspection, Repair and Cleaning (IRC) Practices.” IRC Practices will be the same as EMPs, except for these differences: 

    If you are EMP certified, you will no longer be able to perform paint repair of 1 square foot or more per interior room or exterior surface on pre-1978 rental housing and child care facilities. Repairs of areas larger than this will need to be performed by someone who is licensed under the Vermont Renovation, Repair, Painting and Maintenance (RRPM) regulations.

    You will still be able to use your EMP certificate to perform EMPs (except for repairs) for 5 years from the date you took the EMP training. After that, you will need to take the new IRCs training to receive an updated certificate number. 

    Click here for IRC trainings.


     If you have questions about performing IRCs or the IRC trainings, please contact the Healthy Homes Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at the Vermont Department of Health by email or call 802-863-7220 or 800-439-8550.