• State, Federal and American Rescue Plan Act Funding for Investments in Housing, Conservation, Working Lands Businesses, and Rural Economic Development

    VHCB is administering funding from the federal American Rescue Plan Act State Fiscal Recovery Fund (ARPA-SFR) as well as $9.8 million in ARPA funding from HUD through the federal HOME Program targeted to housing those experiencing homelessness during the pandemic (see the HOME-ARP page for further information regarding those funds). 

    VHCB will award these funds to accelerate the production and rehabilitation of housing by non-profit and private housing developers, to conserve farmland, natural areas, forestland, and recreational lands, for VHCB's Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program to assist working lands enterprises, and to assist communities with grant writing services through the Rural Economic Development Initiative.


    VHCB invites applications for ARPA-SFR funds, see the schedule VHCB Board meeting dates and application deadlines here.  

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Please read the Frequently Asked Questions and the Guidelines and Procedures to learn about the application process. You can submit questions by emailing @email.

    Eligible Applicants: 

    • Non-profit and Private Housing Developers, municipalities, and cooperative housing organizations are invited to apply for the federal ARPA-SFR funding as well as federal HOME Program and National Housing Trust funding administered by VHCB.
    • Non-profits, municipalities, and cooperative housing organizations are eligible to apply for state VHCB funding, both supplemental and base.

    Focused Areas for Investment with Supplemental Housing Funding
    (State General Fund, Property Transfer Tax Revenue, and ARPA-SRF)

    • Fast-track housing for those experiencing homelessness
    • Advancing at more rapid speed the production of mixed-income, multi-family housing
    • Mobile Home Park infrastructure upgrades, park purchases and replacement of abandoned homes in mobile home parks
    • Recovery Residences to help Vermonters coping with addiction
    • Helping renters move into homeownership, relieving pressure on the rental market
    • Addressing a backlog of requests for accessibility improvements through the Vermont Center for Independent Living’s Home Access Program
    • Developing incentives to promote the development of Accessory Dwelling Units across Vermont
    • Farmworker housing repair and replacement program

    More Information/To Apply for Housing Funds:

    All applications will be reviewed consistent with VHCB funding policies and the Final Rule and associated guidance for ARPA-SFR issued by the U.S. Treasury Department


    Beginning in June 2021, VHCB committed supplemental state funding as well as ARPA-SFR funds, primarily to assist Vermonters experiencing homelessness. Those awards were the result of a call for applications issued in spring 2021 in anticipation of state fast-track funding and the need for hundreds of new homes for these households.

    Since July 2021, VHCB has been awarding federal ARPA-SFR,  federal HOME, HOME-ARP, and National Housing Trust Funds, and State funding to eligible applicants. 

    June and July 2021 awards of ARPA-SFR funding
    September 2021 awards of ARPA-SFR funding
    January 2022 awards of ARPA-SFR funding
    May and June 2022 awards of ARPA-SFR funding