CRF Awards

  • At meetings in August, September, and October, VHCB awarded $34.25 million in federal Coronavirus Relief Funds for the creation of new housing and for improvements to shelters statewide.

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    September 2020 Awards of Coronavirus Relief Funds: 

    Champlain Housing Trust - Ho Hum Motel, Burlington
    Champlain Housing Trust (CHT) will use $2,016,565 in CRF funds to acquire the Ho Hum Motel on Williston Road in South Burlington to provide temporary lodging, services, and meals for homeless individuals or those who cannot self-isolate where they are living who are either experiencing COVID symptoms or who have tested positive. Earlier this year, at the request of the Vermont Agency of Human Services, CHT allowed the State to use another CHT property, Harbor Place in Shelburne, as a COVID isolation site. CHT has transitioned Harbor Place to once again provide emergency accommodations for homeless households.

    Lamoille Housing Partnership - Evergreen Mobile Home Park Modular Home, Hardwick
    With $400,098 in CRF funds, the Lamoille Housing Partnership (LHP) will purchase and install two net-zero-energy modular homes at the Evergreen Manor Mobile Home Park in Hardwick. The homes will be available to the Lamoille Valley Housing and Homeless Coalition for housing homeless households with services and financial supports. LHP owns and manages the 32-lot park. In 2016, they placed 13 similarly energy efficient modular homes at the park for rental units.