Housing News

March 4, 2019

At a meeting on January 22, the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board committed $5,129,478 for the construction of 126 new apartments in St. Albans and Burlington and the rehabilitation of 22 condominiums and older homes in Montpelier and in Windham and Windsor counties. The Board awarded $740,000 in state funds for these efforts, along with $3.5 million in Housing Revenue Bond funds and $1.58 million in federal funds for affordable housing from the National Housing Trust Fund and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HOME Program.

October 1, 2018

On Thursday, September 20, the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board awarded $5,838,948 in state and federal funds to create and preserve 146 affordable homes and to conserve 577 acres of forestland with provisions for public access and water quality protection.

VHCB Executive Director Gus Seelig said, “We are excited to support investment in nine towns that will result in new affordable housing options, increased recreational opportunities, improved water quality and support for agriculture. The projects funded this month are made possible by the Housing Revenue Bond and other public resources that leverage private investment in order to improve Vermont’s communities, our economy, and our quality of life.”

June 28, 2018

On Thursday, June 21, the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board awarded $6,594,615 for housing developments that will help to build or rehabilitate 59 affordable homes and conserve 1,050 acres of farmland and 146 acres of recreational and forest land.

March 28, 2018

At a meeting on March 15, the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board awarded $2,955,197 to create new homes in a downtown Bennington development, to conserve 440 acres of farmland in Rutland and Orleans Counties, and to protect public access to water in Calais, Burlington and Bolton.

February 21, 2018

In January, the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board committed $9,359,800 for the construction and rehabilitation of 133 homes and for the conservation of 152 acres of land. The Board awarded $6,795,000 in Housing Revenue Bond funds, $1.45 million in federal HOME Program funding, $478,000 in federal farmland protection funds, and $636,500 in state funding to nine applicants.

VHCB Executive Director Gus Seelig said, “These funding awards will help address the very low vacancy rates in the housing market, providing new homes in downtown locations around the state. Two farmland conservation awards will keep farmland in aictive agricultural use and allow the farmers to expand their operations, while providing water quality protections in the easements.”

June 28, 2017

The Vermont Housing & Conservation Board will use $35 million in new funding for the creation of rental housing and home ownership opportunities for 550-650 low- and moderate-income Vermonters over the next two to three years. The bold, new initiative represents the largest state investment in housing in more than a decade.  It was first proposed by Governor Phil Scott in his January budget address, gained strong support in the legislature, and was signed into law today.