Story of the Week

Every year the food shelf that I serve at offers a holiday food giveaway in mid-December. Two days after this year's event, a woman came into the food shelf hoping that she might be able to get one of the hams we had been giving away. She said that her son had recently passed away, leaving her to care for her two grandchildren. It was going to be the children's first Christmas without their father and the woman did not have the money to afford a large meal. Unfortunately, we did not have any hams available for her to take. Wanting to help this woman out, I searched around the food shelf to find something that she could use. Thankfully, I found that we had just received several whole chickens and was able to give her two of them. When I handed her the chickens she began to tear up. She exclaimed that I had saved Christmas and joked that she would tell her grandchildren that the chickens were little Christmas turkeys. I believe that giving her those chickens relieved a lot of the stress and worry that she was going through trying to give her grandchildren a wonderful holiday. And I hope that those kids had a joyous holiday after losing their father.