Story of the Week

 This conference was particularly important to the work that CHT is doing as a leader in preventing eviction. The conference was attended by leadership from NeighborWorks America who hope to turn the program CHT has started into a national standard for housing providers to incorporate into their work. I was happy with my leadership in organizing the conference and understand the importance of working with housing providers to change the perspective on eviction prevention. I saw the excitement that participants and leaders had leaving the conference as they left with new ideas on how to improve their existing eviction prevention programs or implement new ones at their housing agencies. The standard around eviction prevention is changing on a national level as conversations bring to light the importance of financial literacy and working with individuals and families when they miss their first rent payment. It all comes down to education, resources and patience in working with individuals and families to offer some flexibility in getting caught up with their rent and providing them with hope and the tools to get back on track.