Story of the Week

While serving with the Green Mountain Club, it is my objective to monitor and improve property boundary lines of GMC and State lands that surround the Long Trail. By doing this, I am not only conserving ecosystems and wild areas, but I am also ensuring that people will have a place to enjoy the outdoors.

The importance of my field service became quite apparent when I was monitoring a property called Black Falls which is part of Jay State Forest. While walking this boundary line, we came across an area where the adjacent private property was recently logged. The logging occurred right up to our property line. I realized that without a monitored and maintained boundary line, this logging could have encroached into conserved land, directly threatening the integrity of the protected area. It is interesting that a boundary marred by human activity is what made me realize the importance of my service rather than a boundary miles from nowhere.

I look forward to the adventures that await me during the final two months of my service, and I am glad that I have been able to help conserve natural areas in the state of Vermont.