Story of the Week

So far, during this crazy time of pandemic, this is one of the more enjoyable things that my AmeriCorps service has been able to offer: countless opportunities for relishing small moments and the little details that I (and probably most people) would let fall unnoticed by the wayside during the course of our “typical” humdrum days. Like any person, there is still plenty of time that I spend trapped in my own head worrying about and planning. But now, when people are hard to find, when typical day-to-day life has been slowed and stalled and bordered on all sides by bad news, it is an unparalleled bit of good luck to find myself with the opportunity to be bowled over by the deep furrows of an old cottonwood tree, to share a quick lunch and laugh with other people, and to find satisfaction in the sight of bags piled high with garlic mustard. Perhaps any other position would have provided the same opportunities, and maybe all one needs to appreciate such small things is the proper perspective, but this AmeriCorps position, so far, really seems to make it easy.