Story of the Week

Alex and I had not been to High Pond in quite a while. For much of the spring we only used hand tools to maintain Nature Conservancy trails. If a log on the trail could be sawed with a hand saw, it got sawed, otherwise it stayed. The trail at High Pond, for whatever reason, had a lot of big logs in the trail. It was not until July that we got the okay to bring a chainsaw up there to clear the logs away. Our plan was to attend our conservation team meeting in the morning, my last team meeting, and head up to High Pond with the chainsaw after lunch. I will admit, I felt a little bit lost after the meeting. I said good bye to a group of people I've worked with for over a year, and listened to plans get made knowing I won't have a part in them.

As is often the case though, the mundane gives life perspective. We cleared the trail, and my cuts were good. It felt reassuring to accomplish a task, and to do it well. At the end, we swam in the pond.