Story of the Week

Homelessness is not only a housing issue. It's a substance issue, a mental health issue, and employment issue. There are many factors that lead to homelessness, and there are many pieces to bring someone out of it. Part of my service this year was facilitating an employment group offered once a week at the Daystation. We would go over interview skills, resume building, what types of employment are best for whom, and what services help to break barriers to employment. The group had varied attendance, but there were a few individuals who stuck it out the whole way through. One these people, Greta (name changed for confidentiality) had been coming to the Daystation cyclically for a few years so far, always friendly but quiet. She came to job group worried about gaps in her employment, thinking that it would prevent her from returning to the work field. Through resume building, utilizing our connection with the Vermont Job Center, and organizing interviews in job group, Greta had at least two job offers! I now see Greta driving a van around town, a delivery or transportation service of some sort. She seems happily employed, and has since been so thankful to our team for helping her break down barrier to employment, and eventually, housing.