Story of the Week

AmeriCorps members participating in a group activity. A family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children), had one child, at 18 months old had gone through 11 surgeries from the time she was born, which was a huge financial burden to the family.  Living in Vermont and traveling to Boston Hospital for the surgeries, her mother had to quit her job because she would have to stay with the child at the hospital.  They were about to be foreclosed on their house, were behind light, water and sewer bill, and were out of fuel.  I called all agencies and also did a fundraiser.  They were $11,000 in debt when I started in Jan.  Now they only owe for fuel, for which they are on a payment plan.   The mother is back to work and feels everything is very manageable now.  I know that I want to continue in “service work”.  I have never done anything as rewarding as this and I find that I get back as much as I am able to give and that feels good.

-Kathleen at NeighborWorks of Western Vermont