Story of the Week

The Nature Conservancy Elm Preservation ProjectMy time with the VT Housing & Conservation Board has enabled me to engage with the outdoors in a new and meaningful way. Prior to service, the last time I engaged in any conservation tasks was an invasive-air potato specie removal project in middle school. During my time with AmeriCorps, however, I have been able to assist in the maintenance of trails and conservation projects across the state. One particular project I recall is that of an elm restoration site under management of the Nature Conservancy. We had to wrap small plastic cages are those base of newer, growing elm trees in order to prevent weevils and other insects or animals from eating at their bases. The grass we waded through to get to each of the trees was so tall that no one in our group could be seen except for an occasional glimpse of their hat or beanie. I had to whistle and call for folks to come in for lunch! We helped preserve the growth of several hundred trees threatened by native disease. It felt good to know we were contributing to the preservation of natural diversity here in Vermont.