R.A.R.E Opportunities

  • The VHCB AmeriCorps Regional AmeriCorps Recruitment Envoy (R.A.R.E) Opportunity initiative is designed to engage our AmeriCorps Members in outreach activities, community events, and with individuals to promote participation in AmeriCorps Programs or other forms of National Service.

    MediaSome R.A.R.E. Opportunity hours may occur as part of a member’s regular duties, or may be conducted outside of your regular service. Members may claim up to an additional 15 service hours for R.A.R.E Opportunity activities outside of their regular service. Participation in R.A.R.E. Opportunity is optional for members, but highly encouraged by the program. Member’s that participate for a minimum of 15 hours will receive a prize!

    RARE Opportunity Report Form

    What can you do that counts for RARE hours

    • One-on-one meetings with persons interested in knowing more about AmeriCorps
    • Create a blog about your service experience
    • Assisting individuals with filling out an AmeriCorps application
    • Encouraging friends and family to consider serving in AmeriCorps
    • Presenting to school or community groups
    • Send or drop off materials with guidance counselors, career centers, or local employment posting forums
    • Publishing articles or writing op-ed pieces about the members service
    • Speaking with volunteer groups you serve with about your AmeriCorps Service
    • Meet with a guidance counselor to inform them about AmeriCorps options
    • Attending college or career fairs
    • Tabling at community events or public spaces

    Have an idea that’s not on this list? Great! Let’s talk about it.

    Outreach Material 

    And if you want other AmeriCorps handouts like stickers or bookmarks contact VHCB AmeriCorps staff and see what is available!

    GMCIf you are looking for more information about AmeriCorps check out these links


    Check out some local career fairs

    Keep posted for exciting stories about what other members are doing with their RARE Opportunities!