Host Site Application

  • 2023-2024 VHCB AmeriCorps Program Year

    Intent-To-Apply Due: April 21, 2023

    Applications Due: May 12, 2023

    Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board AmeriCorps (VHCB AmeriCorps). Please read the following information regarding hosting a VHCB AmeriCorps member and the application process.

    Intent To Apply

    By April 21, 2023, please submit the Intent-To-Apply Form.  The brief electronic form asks for:

    1. Name of Organization and contact information.
    2. The type and number of positions your organization is interested in hosting.
    3. A title or very brief overview of of each position.

    The Intent-To-Apply Form is NOT required for applications submitted on or prior to May 12.

    Click Here to access the Intent-To-Apply Form.


    By May 12th, 2023 5:00 pm, please complete the following Application materials to host VHCB AmeriCorps Members.  A complete application consists of the electronic Host Site Application, a Position Description using the 23-24 AmeriCorps Position Description Template, and a Risk Assessment. Additionally, a New Supervisor Form is required for new sites or changes in Supervision.

    1. Host Site Application
    2. Position Description (must use this template and return as a Word Doc. Do not edit an old Position Description from a previous year, old position description templates are outdated and will not work)
    3. Risk Assessment
    4. New Supervisor Form (only required for new supervisors)

    This application should be used for all positions that fall within the September 2023 – August 2024 period, including 2024 Spring and summer-only positions.

    Program Year Information

    The upcoming program year will begin September 11, 2023 and will end August 9, 2024. Members must attend an AmeriCorps Pre-Service Orientation before beginning service at the host site which will take place September 11-13, 2023. Members will begin service at the Host Site on September 14, 2022.

    Please review the following information about hosting a VHCB AmeriCorps Members: 

    1. 2023-2024 VHCB AmeriCorps Slot information
    2. 2023-2024 VHCB AmeriCorps Performance Goals
    3. Host Site Selection Guidelines

    Priority is give to positions that align with at least one of our Performance GoalsThe Site Selection Guidelines are available for your reference, which we use for partner assessments and the slot allotment process. We give very careful consideration to how slots are allotted. During this process, we may be in contact with you regarding clarification or areas of concern. You can expect to be notified of your request status by late-May. If your organization is awarded a slot, you should be prepared to begin recruitment immediately. Upon award notification, you will receive information about the recruitment process. If your organization is not awarded a slot but it meets all the eligibility criteria, it may be possible to place your organization to our Wait List in the case a slot opens up at a later date.

    Please contact Erin Riley, VHCB AmeriCorps Director, with questions at 802-828-5061 or by email to