Rural Economic Development Initiative

  • The Vermont Housing & Conservation Board (VHCB) has resources to provide grant writing assistance to rural communities and small businesses interested in applying for federal funds. VHCB provides these services through its Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI). REDI can be used to hire a grant writer, complete a necessary step to make a federal grant application more competitive (such as a business plan or engineering), and in some limited cases to help make a fundraising plan for a project. 

    While a wide variety of projects are potentially eligible to receive grant writing assistance, the focus of REDI is on dairy processing, outdoor economy, value-added food enterprises, phosphorus removal technology, and composting facilities located in or serving communities under 5,000 in population. It is intended to complement and support the assistance the Regional Development Corporations and Regional Planning Commissions already provide.

    If you have been invited by VHCB to request grant writing or planning assistance, please complete this form: 

    If you have yet to speak with VHCB staff about REDI, or if you have additional questions, please get in touch with Liz Gleason prior to filling out the form.