Farm Business Advising

  • Since the program started in 2003, over 800 farms have taken advantage of our services to make their businesses more economically sustainable. Once a farm business is matched with an advisor, or team of advisors, whose skills are a good fit for the farm's needs, the farmer and business advisors conduct on-farm meetings for approximately one year. Together, they can also explore possible management and enterprise changes that could increase profitability. This process produces a written business plan for the farm, and in the second year of participation, farmers are provided with additional technical assistance and help updating their plans.

    Occasionally, we announce that additional funds are available to be awarded as Business Plan Implementation Grants. At these times, farms that have successfully completed our 2-year business planning program are then eligible to apply for our competitive farm Business Plan Implementation Grants.

Recent Success Stories

Full Belly Farm, Monkton

The Viability Program's business planning services, VLT's Farmland Access Program and WLEB combine to support a Monkton berry farm's successful transition to new ownership.